CDMI 1.0 Draft Available

All the hard work from the week long meeting of the members of the SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Work Group two weeks ago in San Jose have paid off, and we're proud to announce a final 1.0 draft of the Cloud Data Management Interface for cloud storage.

The specification can be downloaded from the Draft Technical Work for Public Review section of the SNIA web site, and is labelled CDMI 1.0g.

This release completes the remaining sections of the specification that were incomplete in the 0.9 draft, and clarifies a number of areas where the spec was unclear. Areas of improvement include:
  • Addition of Retention and Hold for compliance
  • Clarification of terminology from "Account" to "Domain"
  • Addition of Hash Data System Metadata
  • ACL syntax in JSON
  • Ability to perform cross-domain actions
  • CDMI Logging Queues
  • Elimination of JSON ordering constraints
  • Specification of Encryption Data System Metadata
  • Additional examples
We're very proud of how the specification has firmed up over the last few months, and it is very impressive that we've been able to go from forming a working group to a 1.0 draft in less than a year.

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