Not the End, Just the End of a Beginning

Today, I am proud to announce my new blog as part of the NetApp blogging community: Objects in Context.

I am very pleased to join the NetApp team, and to have this opportunity to start writing a second chapter. January 2010 marked the passage of a decade since I first started working on object storage, and we've seen many milestones, from the first large-scale deployments to the development of industry standards. Over the next few years, I fully expect things to accelerate — After all, the Internet changes everything, and storage is just starting to catch up.

Moving forward, I will be re-purposing this blog here to discuss topics such as information visualization, radio design, iPad development and other similar non-work-related subjects. I encourage all my readers to continue to follow my adventures in object storage over at the NetApp blog. We've got many exciting things in store, and I can assure you that in this case, one plus one is far greater than two.